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Bishop, California...
After an extended stay in Hueco Tanks, longer than anticipated, I was psyched to leave the texan desert for the desert of Bishop. I was burnt on Hueco and was very much looking forward to a change of scene and some new rock. I haven't spent much time in Bishop in the last 2 years and was looking forward to some small town park action. The bouldering is good too but there is something nice about returning to a small town after being surrounded by the big box chaos of the border city El Paso.
There are a good group of friends here to climb with an the weather has been mostly cooperative. A snowstorm had hit prior to my arrival in Bishop, leaving the Buttermilks covered in snow and the air frigid. That was fine with me. It meant climbing in the tablelands which is a warmer spot and my cold blood could use some adjusting. 
I have not much interest in blogging but i'll give it a go. To fill up space here are some videos and pics of the life so far...

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