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Van Life


When I was a teenager I slept in the basement in a small room that most would consider a cubby under the stairs. I didn’t care about the size. It was small, tight, compacted and most of all, it was my own space. I did what I wanted and played what I wanted. The walls were smothered with images of skateboarding idols and magazine clippings with hair that stood 5 inches above their brows posted far from any other household member. No one could complain and ask me what the hell do you see in that guy. And I didn’t have to respond, ‘don’t you know mom? That’s corey hart!’
Van life reminds me of this space except that it has wheels and can take you to places never dreamt possible. I have slept under the Sierra desert where the stars in the skies twinkle brighter than any diamond ring that I have ever seen. When the rains fall hard on the roof top a tinny sound soothes me to sleep while snuggled up safely and warm. I am left to awaken to the view of a beautiful forest glistening with the fresh morning dew. When it is cold the elements run rough my veins and make me feel alive and awake. In the summer haze the warmth smothers me into a deep slumber as nature had intended. In the cities, camping is always free: pull in, pull out. Too loud? Move it down yonder. Need some lights? Move it on up so the view of the city resembles last years skies. Rent is basically a one time installment. Utilities are pay as you go. Except for the gas, van living is pretty much off the grid and besides, driving long distances is nicer to mother earth than taking a plane as is not having the room to own and and consume most of the crap found in the average household.
One basically lives outside when living in a van. The more hard core could be the tent dwellers who have something in their veins which I lack. The few drawbacks is the random chance of break-ins which can really happen anywhere be it a house or van. The cold can be a damper but it makes visits to local libraries, cafes and friends houses all the more pleasurable. Well, what this van here needs now is a fancy pancy wood burning stove which would easily stay alit with a few twigs and keep me warm and snugglier than any insulated house could be.
Here is a photo of me in my newish big red. I would of attached a photo of my other home which sits under the rocky mountains but some worthless piece of shit broke into my van and stole my camera along with the photos... Whateva! :)

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