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I'm gonna be rich...! ;)

Many people know that anyone with a passion of any kind be it art, learning, or in this case, climbing live with an obsession where they would easily sacrifice what many consider the essentials in order to sustain their passion. For example, the often thought necessity: a luxurious house! Climbers and surfers are often found living in their vehicles year round, waking and sleeping with the sun, following the seasons like a nomad and living a relatively simple lifestyle. Being free of rent, fancy gadgets and taking advantages of thrift stores for things like clothes and dishes, living expenses are kept low, life is lived sustainably and they stay true to their passions, whatever they be.

And so, what's my point? Well, there are a bunch of new ads and buttons on my blog. Basically a couple of friends have enlightened me to the fact that people can actually make money off their blogs and as i need a job, I have decided to try this as a possibility. As I have recently failed at the climbing sponsorship game yet i still want to continue to learn, grow and push myself in the sport that i love, this requires a certain amount of fuel. Houses may not be needed but food and gas are. So, why not! This is my attempt at using my blog as a possible way to fuel my passion. So- welcome to the somewhat desperate ways of the traveling climber!!

There is an affiliate program which I joined which shows as ads and links to various companies. They are not sponsors but companies which put their advertising on various blogs as a way to increase sales. So if someone clicks on the ads linked on my blog and buys something then I get a small commission.

The other thing I have put on the blog is a donation button which was the idea of my brilliant friend Wendy. She convinced me that people actually do donate to blogs and people that they want to support. As I currently have no financial climbing sponsors I thought it would be a good idea as over the years some people have wanted to give money but I refused as I find it more than awkward taking money from friends. This way is anonymous (i think...) so for me it is less awkward and feels more like a public sponsorship for my blog and climbing rather than a handout..! :)

Hopefully this doesn't come across as obnoxious or needy. I realize more and more that positive support given and received to each other be it materially, emotionally, physically or energetically are the basis of life and community. It helps make the world go round!

Thanks for your support by simply reading my blog. :)

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