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So... let's be blunt

So… let’s be blunt. Everyone knows that trying to make a living as a professional climber is akin to the starving artist scenario. The tactics required for this job do not readily contour to my personality or comfort zone; nor are they financially viable. Thus far, I have succeeded thanks to part time work, thriftiness, living a simple lifestyle and of course, my gear sponsors, La Sportiva and Metolius Climbing.

Recently, I’ve earned the opportunity to compete in the International Boulder World Cup Events. For 2015, I imagined competing for Team Canada followed by bouldering in South Africa. But between work, training and motherhood, the chances of affording all those plane tickets is looking very grim. Sadly, for Cedar and I, travel expenses means double fares compared to the solo competitors. Unless I can think outside the box in terms of making my lifestyle more sustainable, the future of going to these events or South Africa looks grim.

To combine my passions: climbing, learning, writing about our adventures and lifestyle, while raising and homeschooling Cedar in a way that opens up the world to her; and to do so in a more sustainable way that works financially, would be a great relief. This needs more then my sheer determination, it will take a community.

So, I’m purposing the idea of a public sponsorship. In honor of exchange, I have listed some of the perks which were successful in my previous Indiegogo campaign. This list of ideas is dynamic and I am open to suggestions such as coaching and training, van life, traveling with a kid, homeschooling, advice on pregnancy and climbing, beta for areas; whatever takes your interest..! If you read and appreciate my blog, a simple donation is most welcome.

Thanks for reading!!

Personal One or Team Coaching:
~ Coaching is geared towards personal climbing assessments to help people with their technique, movement, training and mental tactics. One on one is preferred or small groups up to 3. Coaching can take place in the gym or outside on rock. For more information click here!

Postcards: $20
~ A Squamish postcard or a postcard picked up on our travels signed with a note of thanks from myself or Cedar
~ Artwork on a ‘blank’ postcard from Cedar

All payments can be made through my email at thomasinapidgeon@gmail.com or via the donation button on my blog. Please leave a message of what you would like, as well as a mailing address if need be. For coaching inquires please email. Thank you!!

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